Love Your Neighbor

Many evangelism seminars on reaching "false religions and cults" are very negative: "Here's what they believe, here's how to defeat it from the Bible, now go and witness." In "Love Your Neighbor," we focus on building positive and respectful attitudes along with practical, crucial witnessing skills. As a result, you will be well-prepared to share the message of Christ in the context of a friendly conversation and ongoing relationship.


The dictionary defines “breakthrough” as a decisive victory after a period of struggle. In Luke 18 Jesus gives the parable of the persistent widow which perfectly illustrates this concept. Although the word “breakthrough” is not used in this passage, the idea is definitely there. The widow persisted through difficulties until she got her breakthrough, and this is our model of prayer.

Festival Outreach

Imagine being able to reach 1,000 or more South Asians with a complete gospel message on a single day! All over US and Canada, Asian cultural festivals are held in small and large cities, attracting thousands of visitors in a single day. Christians can rent booths, distribute JESUS DVDs and other literature, witness, take surveys, offer free services such as prayer or medical screening, invite to churches, and make personal contacts for following up.

Richard moved with his family from Mumbai, India to the USA in 2007 with his wife and daughter. He works for a software company, however he maintains that his boss is a "Jewish carpenter". He considers his relationship with his Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, as invaluable. Richard often sees himself as the Decapolis man who was told to “tell the world what the Lord has done for him”. Born in his sins yet saved by grace through the sovereign act of God, Richard is blessed to serve as a Gideon and witnesses as per the Lord's leading. He became a LYN trainer in 2015.
Richard Lewis
Hash Gudka, Associate Trainer for Africa; Hash is a lecturer with the International Leadership University in Nairobi, Kenya, teaching Bible and theology at the undergraduate level. Among other related subjects, he also teaches a course in Major World Religions. Hash has traveled in UK, North America, India, and many countries of Africa and Asia, sharing his story of faith in Christ, the message of salvation, and training Christians to be more effective in sharing Christ's love to their Asian neighbors. Hash's desire is to equip more Christians to sensitively share the love of Christ with their Hindu friends and neighbors.
Hash Gudka
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