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Jesus the Guru

Welcome to our study on “Jesus the Guru – A Spiritual Master Worth Following.” My name is Yesudas and in the 54 lessons of this “Jesus the Guru” study, we will be looking at the historical person of Lord Jesus: Who he was, how he called his disciples to follow him, what he taught, what he thought about religion, how he conquered suffering and evil, and much more. I will be guiding you and responding to you as you send in your lessons. I look forward to our journey together!

Jesus the Messiah

Welcome to our study on “Jesus the Messiah.” My name is Abraham and in this series of 30 lessons we will be discovering the historical person of Jesus the Messiah.  Did you know the Messiah leads us in spiritual battle?  Did you know he came to set up a kingdom of love?  We will learn together about the spiritual battle of Lord Jesus and what he had to conquer in order to set up his kingdom.  As you send in each lesson, I will be there to respond and to guide you.  Let’s get started!

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